By: Cindy Mendoza <>
Fri Apr 7 14:32:52 2006
Maria Vidro: A woman of great strength and courage
By Cindy Mendoza
Location: Arlington Texas US

Age:[ 30 ] Gender:[ f ]

	My Dearest Friend,

                  I can't really believe that you have left...I keep
                  thinking that any moment my phone will ring and it
                  will be you. Your work on this earth was great and
                  you must be doing wonders in heaven. Thank-you for
                  the love that you brought into my life. Forever our
                  song will be "because you loved me, Celine Dion." 

		  I miss you so bad. I want one more hug, one more I love
                  you....until I see you in heaven, I will be missing
                  you here on earth....

			Loving you forever, Cindy

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-- Cindy Mendoza <>

Fri Apr 7 14:32:52 2006
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