By: Cindy Mendoza <>
Fri Jan 27 09:08:24 2006
My Best Friend, My Sister
Margaret Gonzales
By Cindy Mendoza
Location: Arlington Texas US

Age:[ 30 ] Gender:[ F ]

I miss you so much Maggie. You would have been 27 on Jan 15th.

It doesn't seem like 3 years have passed but they have and i need you more than 

I know that one day we will be untied in Heaven and I will have my best friend 
back. I never got to say "Good-bye." and that really hurts but you do know that I 
loved you so much and you were like my sister.

You would be so proud of your Baby Girl, she is 4 now, big and beautiful.

I feel your spirit around me at times so strong and I know that you are okay. Love 
you, Cindy

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-- Cindy Mendoza <>

Fri Jan 27 09:08:24 2006
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