By: Kristy Sparber <>
Fri Nov 5 10:04:33 1999
Someone to remember
By Kristy Sparber
Location: Broadway NC. US

Age:[ 17 ] Gender:[ F ]

Comments: I still continue to babysit Paul and baby Joey.

When your young baysitting is the best way to make money, so that is
what I did.I babsat Jonathon and Paul for four years and was extremely
excited when they had another brother on the way. The summer before
my senior year I was babysitting a normal thing for this summer
considering that was my job. 

My grandmother had to work that day so I took the three kids to
town so that we could have lunch and do a little shopping.On our
way home we crested a hill and in our lane someone was passing. The
girl that was passing did not have enough time to get back over to
her lane and we hit head-on!!

I woke up and my grandma tried to get her to wake up. I heard the
baby crying so I tried to get out of the car, I had to climb over
my grandma to get out. I got the baby and went to go get help. No
one was there to help me, by the time I got back to the car
Jonathon and Paul were passed out on the ground. 

I tried to get Jonathon to wake up but he would not. People were
now arriving on the scene and they tried to help but they said that
there was not much they could do. After we all arrived to the
hospital I was asking everyone I talked to how the boys were doing!
A doctor told me that Jonathon had died. A statement that I will
never forget!!

Jonathon was an Awesome person. He had a great heart and loved
everyone. Jonathon was so smart it was weird that he was only eight
but you could carry on an adult conversation with him.

I will never forget Jonathon because he was one of the few in the
world that had no hate for anyone. Jonathon will always be loved
and missed by everyone that knew and loved him. 

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-- Kristy Sparber . . . [ ]

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