By: Kristy Sparber <>
Fri Apr 5 12:10:18 2002
Now and Then
Memories move on
By Kristy Sparber
Location: Raleigh North Carolina US

Age:[ 19 ] Gender:[ F ]

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 I wrote once  about Jonathon shortly after he had died.
Now two years later college has taught me a lot about how to grow
up.  Today I still miss him and I hope that my strength can
encourge some of you.

My life however has moved on, sometimes my heart breaks at the
sound of his name but mostly now I remember his joy. He was eight
and carefree and now he is a little boy in heaven. I miss him but
now my love for God has made me fight harder to know that he is in
control and that I had nothing to do with the accident. 

I will be strong and I will remember him always. He is a gift from
God that I got for a short while and I am thankful for that time. I
am still close to his family and we talk about his life and
laughter all of the time. Going to college helped finding peace in
being away from in all. 

I will never look at life the same way but I do know that there
were so many lessons to be learned from one little boy and one
terrible day. My injuries from the wreck and my grandmothers are
still persistent but they now make me think we shared something no
matter what it was.

I've got great friends and a family that loves me and is willing to
help me get the help I need and let me live my life. Jonathon was a
part of my life and will always be. I love you Jonathon! 

-- Kristy Sparber <>

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