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Donations for our Work
When we set this site up in 1995, the basic idea in mind was to provide information which might be of use to people as they reach a point in life where Death & Dying issues become an everyday reality instead of just something they hear about once in a while far away.
Since then, we have found ourselves inundated with visits from people all over the world-- more than 2,000 a month-- with requests for information, pointers, solace & just an opportunity to be heard in their time of personal transition and need.
We have in these last couple of years, received countless letters, email messages, and we've posted some of them on our Contributions from Our Readers pages. And we have never asked for donations or payment. But, nonetheless, we have occasionally received donations & contributions in letters, writings, and Thank-You's for what we're doing.
And we Thank You for those pleasant surprises! We strive to make this information as interesting and useful as possible, and are in the process of developing even more useful & interesting content. Your continued feedback and support is of great encouragement to us all!
Another way you may consider making a donation if you feel you have something to offer, is for you to contact a local Hospice or OutReach program in your own city and offer as generously as you can of your time, your compassion, your gentle touch, your skills as a Reiki Practitioner or Massage Therapist, your talents & patience & whatever resources you have to offer. Most Hospice Programs are always in need of support, and there's never enough quality support to go around.
Feel free to offer of yourself what you can, and make the world a little better place in the process. You are your greatest gift!
Thank you Kindly for your interest in our work. Please do be in touch with your reflection on any aspect of what you find here or would like to see here. We appreciate your visit.

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