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The Papyrus of Ani, Chapter 15

Copyright 1997 by Neil Parker.


Adoration of Ra when he rises on the eastern horizon of heaven, with those who are in his following.

The Osiris Ani, true of voice, calls out,

He says, O solar disk, lord of radience, rising on the horizon every day, may you shine on the face of the Osiris Ani, true of voice.

He adores you in the morning; he causes you to rest in the evening. May the soul of the Osiris Ani, true of voice, come forth with you to heaven.

May he travel in the Morning Boat; may he be moored in the Evening Boat. May he mingle with the Stars that Never Rest in heaven, the Osiris Ani, peaceful and true of voice.

He says, he worships his lord, the lord of eternity.

Homage to you, Harmachis. It is Khepri who creates himself.

How beautiful is your rising on the horizon, when you bring dawn to the earth by your radiance. All the gods rejoice when they see you as king of heaven.

The Lady of the Hour is established on your head, her uraei of the south and north on your brow.

She has made her place in front of you, and Thoth abides at the front of your boat to destroy all your enemies.

Those who are in the netherworld come forth in homage to you, to see that beautiful image.

I have come before you; may I be with you to see your Disk every day.

May I not be imprisoned, may I not be turned away.

May my limbs be renewed when I see your beauties like all your honored ones, because I am one of your noble ones on earth.

I have arrived at the land of eternity, and I have attained the land of of infinity; indeed you have commanded it for me, my lord.

The Osiris Ani, true of voice in peace, true of voice, calls out,

He says, homage to you when you rise on your horizon as Ra, resting on Truth.

You sail over heaven, and every face sees you as you travel, hidden from their faces.

You show yourself [in] the morning and in the evening [every] day.

The Evening Boat is vigorous under your majesty, and you illuminate [all] faces.

[Your] golden flame[?] is not known; your beams are not described in writing.

The lands of the gods see you, and the lands of Punt account you hidden.

You make yourself alone; the Sem-priest opens his mouth; your form is on the Celestial Waters.

May he go in the same way that you go, ceaselessly like your majesty, in a short time. [You] advance, far across the River of Millions of Years, in a hundred thousand little moments, which you have made.

You have set; you have finished the hours of night. Likewise you have travelled; you have finished it according to your laws, giving dawn to the earth.

You give yourself to your work as Ra; you rise on the horizon.

As for the Osiris scribe Ani, true of voice, he says, he praises you when you shine, and he speaks to you when you rise.

You bring morning to exalt your forms, and you ascend to magnify your beauties.

Advancing, you fashion your limbs in gold; he who is without his birth gives birth as Ra, rising in the sky.

May you let me reach the sky of eternity and the territory of the favored ones; may I be united with the noble and perfect glorified souls of the underworld; may I come forth with them to see your beauties when you rise and in the evening when you go to your mother Nut.

You turn your face to the west, and my arms are raised in acclamation of your setting in life; indeed, it is you who who is eternally praised when you set in the Celestial Waters.

I place you in my heart without weakness, more divine than the gods.

As for the Osiris Ani, true of voice, he says, praise to you, rising as gold, bringing dawn to the Two Lands on the day of his birth. Your mother gave birth to you on her hand.

You have brightened the circuit of the solar disk with great brightness, rising from the Celestial Waters.

His kin are tied together in the deep water, causing [every] land, every town, and every house to celebrate, protecting by your beauties, holding up your ka with food and drink offerings.

Great are the strong ones; mighty are the mighty ones, setting his place in order against the wicked.

Great of rising in the Boat of Evening, great in length in the Boat of Morning.

May you glorify the Osiris Ani, true of voice, in the underworld, and give him existance in the west, free of sin.

Behold, the wicked are behind you. May you grant that I may be dignified with the glorified souls.

May he mingle with the souls in the Holy Land, and travel around the Field of Reeds, according to the commands of a glad heart.

As for the Osiris scribe Ani, true of voice, you will come forth to the sky; you will sail over the substance of heaven; you will join with the stars.

Hymns will be made for you in the boat; you will be called in the Morning Boat.

You will see Ra in his shrine, and make his disk to set every day.

You have seen the Inet-fish in its forms on the stream of turquoise; you have seen the Ibdu-fish in its time.

The evil one becomes downfallen when he prepares my mutilation, and his backbone is pierced.

The being of Ra is as a good breeze, drawing on the Evening Boat to its arrival.

The sailors of Ra rejoice for the Lady of Life, and her heart is sweet when she overthrows the enemies of her lord.

You have seen Horus on the lookout post, Thoth and Maat at his sides. All the gods rejoice when they see Ra coming in peace to make the hearts of the glorified souls live,

The Osiris scribe of the offerings of the lords of Thebes, Ani, true of voice, with them.