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GateWay The Bardo of Death Studies
Some Useful Links to complement our site:

    URGENT WHISPERS: Care of the Dying
a Map and Compass for the Soul by Jerral Sapienza

Click cover image at the right to learn more, or

Available nationwide from Bookstores,
    Amazon.COM,   LLX Press, or here at   Bardo.org

Here are some links   which may be interesting to those who wish to learn more about greater understanding
and peace on their journey of dealing with end of life issues.

  • NPR's "The End of Life" - Exploring Death in America  program   (may require you register for the site first)
  • The Clear Light Society ( www.ClearLightSociety.org ) Provides assistance to the dying, terminally ill
    and their families using meditation and other practices.
  • The Zen Hospice Home Page   in San Francisco
  • Death Related Links from Michael Leming  
  • Music Thanatology Association International :   Using Music in hospice.