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Reviewing a Book for The Bardo of Death Studies
Please confine your recommendations here to books specifically related to Death + Dying. If you feel another particular book should be on the list, then make a case for it: It might work. But you will also need to identify yourself and provide contact information so that we might contact you about it.
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(No length limit; Cut / Paste is allowable if you know how to do so.)

Why do you recommend this work / author?
How was the book especially useful to you; how is it a good buy / a good read?

Please tell our readers something about you
(Optional as you Choose) We'd prefer that you supply some kind a name and an Email address so that people might be able to contact you about your review, or about the book itself. Anonymous contributions make less of an impression on readers. If you do believe in the book, then why not invite return commentary on your review? Anonymous reviews are still welcome, but are also the first to be removed from the server here in cases of incomplete, questionable or incorrect information there provided.

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Any other comments? Can You think of any enhancements you'd suggest adding to the Book Review entry system? We appreciate your enhancement ideas, and would love to accomodate.

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