By: Barbara <>
Mon Aug 17 13:48:24 1998
In memory of Christopher
No words are great enough to describe you
By Barbara
Location: Palmdale CA US

Age:[ 22 ] Gender:[ f ]

Comments: Anyone who can help, please contact me

	Chris was the most wonderful person I have ever met in my life. 
He was very young, only 25, had everything going for him that could
possibly be going for a person.  He always got whatever he wanted no
matter what it was.  He was a very defined person and knew exactly where
and when his life was going to go.  We would have been together forever. 

Chris was tragically taken from me and his family and his friends in a car
accident.  A motorhome ran a stop sign in front our car on a highway.  Our
car hit a power pole on the passenger side where he was sleeping in the
front seat. 

I was told that he was killed instantly from massive head trauma.  I thank
God that he did not have to suffer.  Everyones lives are already planned
from the time we are born, and I truely believe that he was needed
somewhere else, although that does not make it any better or easier for

I also thank God that the lives of my 2 children were spared, but I would
change places with him at any second of the day.  He is missed greatly and
our lives will never be the same without him as he brought enormous
amounts of love and joy to every life he came into.  I will love you
forever Christopher, Love me

-- Barbara . . . [ ]

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