By: stacyseevers <>
Tue Feb 23 18:46:51 1999
i missed saying good-bye to you
By stacyseevers
Location: new concord ohio US

Age:[ 25 ] Gender:[ f ]

	you left us without saying good-bye.... imiss the closeness that we cousins, we were inseperable...  now all i do is think
about you everyday and the fun times we case you do not know,
missy is now gone too.  its been 2 years for her and 6 almost 7 for
you...i just want you to know that i love you dearly, and i wish
that i could see your face lite up just one more time....this way i
would know that you are not and did not suffer.
 this is in memory
of roger holiday jr. he committed suicide because of his then wife.
as a member of his family, i would just like to say that if anyone in
your family has done this, please don't think bad of them.  it only
hurts you in the process.

-- stacyseevers . . . [ ]

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