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Wed Jul 23 14:50:04 1997

By Heather
Location: Mason MI US

Age:[ 20 ] Gender:[ f ]


	George, What can I say.  He is your all around annoying little brother. 
He was born a year and a half after I, and was spoiled rotten.  He was a mama's
boy as well as a daddy's boy too.  The three of them were as close as three peas
in a pod.  My brother, George, was an all star athlete.  He was the star of our
high school football team, broke track records, and even kept a 4.0 GPA.  He was
every parents dream.  He stayed out of trouble and even last summer got involved
with the local Young Life Group, (a non-denominational local youth group). 

     To his friends, George was the perfect friend.  He always wore a smile.  They
say he would never let anyone down.  George cared about everyone.  He never cut on
anybody.  Even when his friends were picking on people, he would just stand back
and keep to himself.  If you needed help he was there.  If he didn't know the
right answer, he'd try his best.  He treated his girlfriend like a queen.  And,
most important he never let ya down. 

     GEORGE, my "little" brother.  He was bigger than me.  I always physically
looked up to him.  It took his death to make me realize how important he was to
me.  I always bragged about him.  I am so proud.  I remember when I was younger
saying, "I wish I was an only child!", I learned my lesson the hard way.  Needless
to say, I've been very careful to ask God for favors lately. 

     On December 4th, 1996, my brother became an angel.  He was seventeen years
old, a junior in high school.  On this saddened Wednesday afternoon, he was
playing basketball with his friends in gym class.  He collapsed to the ground, sat
there for a minute, shook it off, then got up and headed to the locker room.  In
the hall he then fell again.  His friends helped him up and asked if he was okay. 
He replied, "I'll be okay.  Just let me be." then as soon as they took their hands
off him, he collapsed again and did not wake up.  My "perfectly healthy" brother
died on congenitive heart failure.  There was nothing we could have done to know
about it or prevent it.  The whole town was shocked, my parents were shocked, and
I was lost.  I could not believe that my little brother, my only sibling had died. 
this is just one of those things that "will never happen to me".  Well, it did. 

     George is in God's hands now, and to tell you the truth, sometimes I get a
little bit jealous.  But, I know that my brother is by my side always.  No matter
where I'm at or where I go, he'll always be there.  There's an emptiness in my
heart now, but that is something that I'm getting use to.  

-- Heather . . . [ ]

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