By: Angela [ ] <>
From: Angela []
Mon Aug 25 02:20:46 1997
To Tara

By Angela
Location: British Columbia Canada

Age:[ 21 ] Gender:[ F ]

Comments: were my best friend when we were growing up...I loved you
like a sister...I still do.  When I look back and think about some of the
things we did as children, preteens and teens, sometimes I laugh and
sometimes I will be in my heart forever..until the day when
it's my turn and I see you again.

You died just over 1 year ago on August 18th, 1996.  You died tragically
in a plane crash and you were only 21 years old.  I still think about
how you died and it makes me angry, but mostly I'm okay now, Tara. I still
cry sometimes, but mostly I remember how close we were and what a good
friend you always were.

I love you Tara, I always will...good bye until we meet again.

Tara was the happiest person I knew, she brought sunshine to everyone
around her...she was planning on getting married to her loving companion,
because she living in a different part of the province at the time we
always talked about how I would get to meet her man for the first time
at their wedding, where I would be a bridesmaid...well, instead, I met
him for the first time at her funeral.

I've been able to get through this horrible tragedy with the help of friends
and a whole lot of great memories. are sadly missed by all of us, and you will never be forgotten.

-- Angela . . . [ ]

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