By: Kat <>
Wed Feb 24 12:54:28 1999
By Kat
Location: Bellefontaine Ohio US

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      My Dad Eugene died May 30,1991. I realize that it's been almost
 6 years,but it seems like yesterday.  I miss him. He was and is
 an influence on me.  His love of the outdoors and his love for
 animals has been instilled in me.  
   I missed him the first day I met my future husband and the 
 birth of my son.  He waited for me to have the family I wanted
 and be there. 

 My Dad had the biggest heart. He'd help anyone who needed it.

 He was a great storyteller.  He made you laugh about anything.

    I remember funny things that he did.  Like the time he got
 drunk on Malt liqour called Hop-in-Gator.  He'd been working on
 car forever and never get it right.  So that day he took his 
 and shot holes in it.  He was sitting in his underwear out in the
 yard in Betterton MD.  It was was funny.  Or his war stories,his
 growing up in West Virginia.  There are many memories that
 are too numerous to write.  

    A heart attack stilled a golden heart.  A heart that was so big
 it enclosed everyone he knew and loved.  
   I wish everyone could have known him.  I'm not trying to imply
 that he was perfect, but close.  When he died all he had in his
 pocket was fifty cents.  Two quarters that would have went to 
 who needed it.   
   I  love you, Dad.  I always will.

-- Kat . . . [ ]

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