By: Sherry Ann Moran <>
Tue Apr 21 16:22:59 1998
In Memory Of A Dear Friend : Patricia Newman Wojtusiak
By Sherry Ann Moran
Location: New York NY US

Age:[ 23 ] Gender:[ Female ]

	Dear Aunt Patty, 
   I am just writing this to say goodbye. I was never able to being
   that noone even told me you had passed on. I miss you very much!
   You were never to meet my son, he is beautiful. You would have
   loved him. He would have reminded you of A.J. We named him Malik
   Kwame. He is walking now. Hopefully you will be able to watch him
   from where ever you are.

   Thank You for protecting me. And Being there for me when I needed

   Maybe now you can tell Daniel That I have Always Loved Him since
   I never could.
 Love Always,  Sherry

-- Sherry Ann Moran . . . [ ]

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