By: Sara <>
Tue Oct 27 16:51:03 1998's been 11 months...
Why does it still hurt like the very first day?
By Sara
Location: Norman Oklahoma US

Age:[ 16 ] Gender:[ f ]

	No one understands.  No one.  They tell me to get over him like
he's just something I can forget about and I'll be damned if it is
that easy.  I miss still feels like it's the first day and it
is not right it is not fair and I just cannot handle it hun... Today
I was sitting here chatting and I could swear I heard your voice
and it gave me chills it made me miss you even more and it hurts oh
my god it hurts I just need you back here so bad it's like not even
funny why can I not accept this?  I'm rambling... but the point is,
school, life, my's just not the same anymore and it's
KILLING me and I mean the pain is physical sometimes ... Anyways,
for anyone who reads this, I'm sorry I just need to get this out
because it hurts like total hell... I love you, Josh...

-- Sara . . . [ ]

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