By: Kela
From: Kela [23 Cook]
Thu May 15 07:00:39 1997
leaving the earth to descend into the heavens
By Kela
Location: Boston Massachussetts US

Age:[ 17 ] Gender:[ F ]

Comments: I am a college bound senior on the verge of achieving many academic goals

	When my cousin Tiffany died, I had never experienced death, or so
I could remember. Her mother sent her to live with her grandmother in
North Carolina because the city was getting increasingly dangerous and she
felt she could recieve a better education. Tiffany came back to Boston
every summer, but this time she was coming home to die. She was outside at
around 8:00 just hanging out with the kids she had grew up with, but saw
two months out the entire year. She was sitting on a mailbox with her legs
cros sed, some older girls were playing jump rope. A car drove up to the
edge of the sidewalk and without warning began shooting. As the bullets
sprayed and grazed many, Tiffany was in a state of shock. She did not know
what was going on, she did not even real ize she had been shot in the back
until she had fallen to the ground. She didn't cry or scream, all she said
was I don't want to die.She should not have had to. 

-- Kela . . .

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