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Wed Apr 23 23:11:44 1997
A Son's Reflections on his Father's Death
By Ed Aguilar
Location: Alta Loma, CA =USA=

Age:[ 47 ] Gender:[ m ]

Comments: my favorite color is blue, i bat 295,and i only chew juicy fruit.

	as to the feelings of fairness in the case of dad's passing,there
is no fairness.  bad things do happen to good people.  dad had been sick
many times in his life.  and i had given him up to god long before his
final illness.  he lived his life to the fullest, he felt that death was a
relief, a release.  i was glad to have time to spend with him. he felt no
fear about dying, so how could i, he was so strong at the end. so strong
and so fragile at the same time.  a quiet manly strength, how could i not
be blessed by his company?  i feel proud that that man was my father and
that he could face his death with such dignity.  

-- ed aguilar . . . [ ]

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