By: Your Big Sis <>
Fri Oct 24 10:28:26 2003
In Memory To My Brother Jeff
Washkowazee Zibee " Strong River"
By Your Big Sis
Location: STPAUL mn US

Age:[ 34 ] Gender:[ f ]

Comments: Me and my brother were close. I have never lost someone this close beside my grandpa

	This is to My brother Jeff. My brother commited suicide a month
ago. My brother was a quiet man. He never talked about his problems,
He was an alcoholic, But that nver changed my feelings for him. I
still love him. He left behind a daughter, she is 10yrs old and looks
just like her dad. I just want you to know. I love you with all my
heart. I will never forget you. I hope you are peace now.

-- Your Big Sis <>

Fri Oct 24 10:28:26 2003
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