From: Sarah Smith []
B a b y . T a l k
for Mother
By Sarah Smith
Location: Buckhannon WV US

Age:[ ] Gender:[ F ]



A cool summer night
A cloudy sky, no stars to be seen
Another one of the angels gone
Taken to heaven forever
Close your eyes and listen carefully
The sound of beating wings
Softly fluttering back and forth
Whispers of love and of loss
Cries of agony and of pain
Raise your face to heaven
Offer your tears as a sacrifice
Your pain will be slowly erased
Memories will take its place
Thoughts of joy and of laugther
Numbing the aching pain of loss
The loss of love and the taking of an angel

This poem is dedicated to my mother who passed away on August 2, 1996.  She was
a strong woman who fought a seven year battle with cancer.  She was my
inspiration for everything I do.  I miss her very much.  On that night
God took home an angel and we here on Earth were no longer blessed with
her presence, smile, and love.  She fought hard and is now resting.

-- Sarah Smith . . . [ ]

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