By: All Her Friends <>
Thu Dec 30 12:24:47 1999
Megs-- Our Angel
By All Her Friends
Location: SD US

Age:[ 13-16 ] Gender:[ f ]

	Meagan died at the age of 13.  She went out to have fun with some
friends and the driver got in an accident and Meagan was the only one
that got killed.  In a small town like ours, it is hard to deal with
something like this but to be her friend and to not have her here is
even harder.  Anyone that knew Megs knew that she was always happy.
She was in basketball and to this day its hard to play knowing that
one of your teammates couldn't make it to the game.  She had just
started that 8th grade that year and only got to see a few days of it
because before we knew it she was gone.  It happened over a year ago
but there isn't a day that goes by where we aren't crying about her or
remembering the good times.  Sometimes we wonder if its going to get
any better.  It usually never seems like it does but then in her own
special ways she helps us.  Megs death was mysterious to me anyway.
The few days that we got with her before she died seemed so weird.
There was almost something spiritual about her those days.  I know
she's in heaven because that's the only place Meagan could possibly be.
All of her friends are thankful for each other.  We've had to pull
together and be strong this time, which wasn't easy.  Megs, you're
an inspiration, you live in our hearts, minds and lives, none of us
will be complete again until your are with us and having fun again!!
We love you!!

-- All Her Friends . . . [ ]

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