By: Sara <>
Tue May 26 07:07:37 1998
~*~We love you Josh~*~
By Sara
Location: Oklahoma US

Age:[ 15 ] Gender:[ f ]

	 Josh...the name makes me smile. Makes me think of the most wonderful
human to ever grace this earth. Makes me think of the one person who
never hurt me or lied to me or degraded me in any way. Makes me think
of someone always willing to give me a hug or say the right thing. It
makes me think of one of the bestfriends I ever had. Therefore, I am
creating a page, in his memory, to express my love to the greatest
guy I knew. I never told him I loved him, always assuming he either
knew or would be around forever, but I was wrong. I have to tell
you to always say you love someone...don't let the moment pass you
by. You NEVER know when you will lose them for good. I know I did not
see this coming from a mile away.    

J is for`the joy, he always had to show.
O is for his open arms and always a big hello. 
S is for the soft heart for whoever it may be,
H is for his hugs that he shared with you and me.
U is for his unselfishness, he shared no matter who,
A is for all above, because Angel that spells you.

-- Sara . . . [ ]

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