By: Brenna <>
Fri Jul 24 15:21:40 1998
Shirley - My Mom
By Brenna
Location: Aurora CO US

Age:[ 25 ] Gender:[ F ]

	Shirley Robinson. She is my mom. She died 6 years ago of a brain
tumor. I just wanted to let people know what a wonderful, amazing
person she was. She taught me everything I knew about life, love,
friendship, humour and goals. I owe everything in my life to her. She
was forgiving and always there for family and friends. No matter
how many times I screwed up when I was younger, she never turned her
back on me. She was always there to hold me and tell me it was going
to be okay.  I love you mom and I miss you more than ever. I wish
you could be here in person to share my new life with me. But I know
you are there in spirit for me and you are guiding me down the right
roads in life.  I hope you are happy and pain-free where ever you
are now. I know you are in a much better place and one day we will
meet again.  I love you Mom.  -Your Brenna Bear

-- Brenna . . . [ ]

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