By: lynda story <>
Thu Aug 6 13:11:41 1998
By lynda story
Location: los angeles california US

Age:[ 40 ] Gender:[ f ]

Comments: missing my friend

	remembering a friend, she was a good sould too oung to die at 50
years old stricken with MS she could not take it anymore, but I know
her taking of her life was out of utter pain and sorrow there is no
punishment for that act only solice in the other side, I know she
looks out for me here and watches out for me, she was a great poet
and thinker, saw beauty and goodness in everyone she was the good
one the good soul, I know at home with God,  do well Teri I loved
you like a sister,  Lynda

-- lynda story . . . [ ]

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