By: Kazuhiko Hosokawa <>
From: Kazuhiko Hosokawa []
Thu Jun 26 23:00:17 1997
Sublime Transmigration
without rigormortis nor putrifaction
By Kazuhiko Hosokawa
Location: Tokyo JAPAN

Age:[ 43 ] Gender:[ M ]


	I would like to introduce the Sublime Transmigration in Shinreikyo to
those who belive in the afterlife beyond death. Shinreikyo is a Japanese new
religion, called "The Fountainhead of Miracles". A Shinreikyo follower can live
out his or her natural life span, and then go to heaven through Sublime
Transmigration, which is the ideal for Buddhists, Christians and Taoists.

A follower enjoys good health even when elderly, and foresees the time of
transmigration from three months or six months to a year in advance. Several
days before dying a natural death, he or she cheerfully says good-bye to family
and friends. The person dies as peacefully as if he or she were falling asleep. 
After the last breath, the dead body stays warm, and the body temperature does
not drop for many hours.  Also, the body does not get rigid, but stays flexible. 
As time passes, the skin takes on a pink glow, and the countenance becomes
sublime and lofty.  These marvelous events are characteristic of Shinreikyo's
Sublime Transmigration, and are actual proof of next-life salvation. In
traditional religions, even saints or high-ranking priests have attained it very
rarely. In Shinreikyo, however, this kind of transmigration occurs to every
faithful follower without exception. We have a lot of film to document this. 
When a follower has been completely saved in the present life and is blessed for
the next life, the person's inner joy has an impact on the physical body, even
after death.  In my family, my father Yoshiaki Hosokawa and three other
relatives attained Sublime Transmigration without rigor mortis nor putrifaction. 

Thank you.

-- Kazuhiko Hosokawa . . . [ ]

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