By: Ted <>
Sat Nov 23 15:24:27 2002
The Death Of My Wife
An Angel has Flown
By Ted
Location: Charlotte Nc US

Age:[ 45 ] Gender:[ m ]

Comments: Im a musician (Guitarist)..a true romantic

My name is Ted,i was a happily married man to a wonderful woman named
Carol.This changed on the morning of Sunday October the 13th.I awoke at 10am to
discover my wife had slipped away into eternity...completely unexpectedly.This
day has forever changed my life. My soulmate is no-longer with me.I am left
with 20 years of photographs and memorys.

If we would have known that saturday the 12th was her last day on this planet,
what would we have said to each other?What would we have done? Where would we
have go ne?The amount of time God gives each of us is a mystery,some have very
long full lives while others never make it out of the womb.Remember to never
take anything for granted,i would give anything for a boring, uneventful,
restless day with my precious wife, but i will not have that gift.

I will never see her smile at me again,i will never hear her whisper that "I
love you"...i will never hear her wonderful laugh....ever.....again.This pain
ive never known.It cuts at the very fabric of my being.It clouds my mind with
thoughts of a thousand yesterdays.The small still voice within me whispers "Be
strong,be strong...our time apart will not be long". 

As each of you live your lives remember,life is brief,live hard,play hard,love
hard.Tomorrow is not promised,and we all one day, will cross over the thin veil
that seperates the flesh from the spirit.May God be with you all. 

-- Ted <>

Sat Nov 23 15:24:27 2002
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