By: Melissa <>
Sat Mar 27 22:28:15 1999
In Loving Memory of Thomas C. Rowe
By Melissa
Location: missouri US

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	This is in loving memory of Thomas C. Rowe,a
son,brother,husband,father,and friend. Tom left this world on
3-18-99. He was only 29 years old and had a long fullfilling life ahead
of him. Tom, your unspoken cries for help were left unanswered and left
us to wonder why. We all love and miss you. Your memory will live on
in the hearts of those who were fortunate enough to have known you. We
will miss your smile, your laugh, and most of all your 4 children will
miss the life they should of had with their dad. We know you are at
peace now and no longer in pain. What you were feeling, no one will
ever know, but we wish we could have said goodbye. Please watch over
your children, and help them through the rough life they must endure
now. They know that daddy loves them, and will always be alive in
their hearts. There will never be a day that goes by that you will
not be remembered, and we will not be sad. But we know you are in the
Lord's hands now. You are in the most peaceful and beautiful place,
where the sun is always shining and the laughter never dies. You body
may be gone, but your soul and your kind and loving spirit will always
live on. We all wish we could have helped you cope with the pain you
were feeling, and helped you understand that this isn't the only was
to be at peace. But nothing can turn back the hands of time, and we
must all learn and grow from you. You touched the hearts of many,
and we will miss you forever. Love, your family and friends

-- Melissa . . . [ ]

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