By: A Friend
Thu Apr 2 05:15:36 1998
By A Friend
Location: Adelaide Hills, South Australia =AUSTRALIA=

Age:[ 17 ] Gender:[ f ]

	Tasha Khouzam died at the age of 18 doing what she loved best.
She was competing at Jupiter Creek Horse Trials, SA , Australia
when her horse, Conquistador fell on top of her, going over a jump.
Tasha was a very special person.  She was admired by A LOT of people.
She had ten thousand friends who all admired her for her talent,
courage, determination and energy.  She was a funloving, carefree girl
who always made an effort iin everything that she did.  Tasha loved
presentations and her final presentation was held in her arena at
the family home at Mt Pleasant.  The service was absolutly beautiful,
exactly how Tasha would have wanted it.  Tasha was a lovely girl who
i very much inspired to be like.  She will ride with me and everyone
else forever in our hearts.
             We love you Tasha

                Died  March 22 1998 aged 18


-- A Friend . . .

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