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Thu May 1 22:23:08 1997
In memory of Ida Emily Collins
Mother, Teacher, Guide and Friend
By Ida Carol Collins
Location: US

Age:[ 45 ] Gender:[ f ]


	Ida Emily Collins is a well known name in my home town.  She taught senior
world history for many years and went on to become a high school guidance
counselor while at the same time raising me, who she adopted when I was
six years old, a task which could not have been easily accomplished by
anyone else in the world since I was not exactly the "model" child.  
She suffered a stroke in 1993 which left her totally disabled, lying in
a nursing home bed, unable to use her hands or legs but, still cognizant
of herself and her surroundings, unable to communicate in her usual manner
and very frustrated and suffering much anxiety for three long years.
I spent as much time as I could with her nearly every day. I always thought
that I did not want to be there when she died but, now I am immeasurably
grateful for the fact that I was beside her when she left this world with
a final "sigh" of relief which I shall never forget.  As much as I miss
her presence in my life, I am filled with gratitude in knowing that she
is no longer struggling with a useless body and that she is free now
to once again outshine the brightest star!  I love you, Mother, I miss you
and I will never forget you!

-- Ida Carol Collins . . . [ ]

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