By: Sarah <>
Sat Apr 7 01:39:19 2007
My big brother
By Sarah
Location: Toledo Ohio US

Age:[ 24 ] Gender:[ f ]

	Shawn (Skippy). I can't believe it has been almost 9 years since you
left us. I miss you more and more each day. I often have dreams about
you and that this whole nightmare WAS just a dream, but unfortunatley
it wasn't. You would probably be married by now with a child or
two. Dustin and his wife are having a baby in June. They want the
middle name to be Shawn. 
 I can't not wait to see you again some
day in the lights of Heaven. Be strong and keep your wings flying
high so you can pick us up when we are down. 
 I love you more than
life itself. Please be good and take care of everyone. Until we meet

-- Sarah <>

Sat Apr 7 01:39:19 2007
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