By: marie manuela <>
Mon Dec 18 07:38:50 2000
Still not real to me
By marie manuela
Location: Toronto ON Canada

Age:[ 44 ] Gender:[ F ]

	As Christmas approaches, this will be our 2nd without my dad. My
mind still won't let my heart accept the fact that he is no longer
with us. I remember when I was little, my dad, my mom and me would
go visit our neighbors, then just before it was time to go home,
my dad would go first and put out all the gifts by the tree, so when
I got home they would be waiting for me. 
 I miss him all the time,
but especially during this holiday, because he enjoyed our family get
togethers so much.
 Dear God, please tell him how much he is missed,
and how much he was and still is loved by all of us.

-- marie manuela . . . [ ]

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