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Wed Mar 11 14:27:53 1998
Why do we live to die?
So many friends and loved ones lost.. and I am only 23
By confused
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	alright, I have no idea what I am doing on this page. 

I guess I just need to let some thoughts out. I am only 23. When I was about 14
years old I started losing friends and loved ones. 

It all started one summer at a school I went to. A guy who was in my school died
in a car accident. We were not really good friends, but good enough where it hurt
when he passed on. 

About a year later, my grandfather died. 

That December a little girl that I babysat died. She was only 8. She was also in a
car accident. She was instantly killed. Actually, her father was driving their
van. She was not in a seat belt. It was icey. They hit a gaurd rail. She was
sleeping when this occured.  A strange thing, she was sleeping through the entire
thing. She flew out the window and was killed from the impact of landing on the
highway. She laid on the icey highway in the same position that she was sleeping
in the van.

Anyways, two months later to the exact date, a very close friend of mine died. He
was lifting weights and dropped them on his neck.

Two months later, another girl from my school died. All on the 1st of the month...
2 months apart.

This past October, 1997 my nephew was at home by himself. When my sister in law
got home he was found with a noose around his neck.  Believed to have hung himself
in their basement. He was only 11... going on 12. It was 2 days before Halloween.
He was thought to have been trying to play a prank on his family.

In case you do not know, it only takes 10 seconds for a rope around your neck to
kill you. I believe it was an accident.  He had a wonderful day that day with
friends, and he was in a good mood.

I dont know why I am writing all of this. My heart is soooooo broken.

I have 2 wonderful kids of my own and a great husband. I am so curious as to what
happens after life it is unreal.

I was rasied baptist... and tought about heaven and hell. But, now that I have had
all of these deaths occur to people I know, I think it is much more than that. 

I think about spirits, angels... ect.. I was wondering if anyone has contacted
spirits ect? If you have, let me know your experiences.  Thanks

-- confused . . . [ ]

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