By: Marjorie Maloney <>
Sun Mar 9 17:15:22 2008
A special person
By Marjorie Maloney
Location: Cave Junction Oregon US

Age:[ 44 ] Gender:[ F ]

	I lost a special friend and feel lost myself. I feel empty and hope
this feeling goes away soon. My friend's name was Rick. He was a happy
person and made the people he spent time around happy too. Rick was
one of three children but they were all adults. He was the last one
to die. His parents are still living. That has to be hard for them,
loosing all three of thier kid's. I never really knew what to think
of religion, but I do know that if there was any pain in his life,
that he has no more.

-- Marjorie Maloney <>

Sun Mar 9 17:15:22 2008
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