By: Cathy Lambert <>
Sat Jan 16 21:51:17 1999
Cherokee Drums
By Cathy Lambert
Location: Austell Geogia US

Age:[ 46 ] Gender:[ female ]

                               Cherokee Drums
                                  By Cathy Lambert

She stood tall, like an Oak tree.
  Her hair was like spun gold-
Her smile wide like the canyons
  Her laughter was her Soul.

Misty! Can you hear those Cherokee drums?
        Misty! The wind speaks your name

         Gone to the Great Grandfather-
              With the wolf and the bear.
          You soar on wings of an Eagle
              You are  Brave and have 
                      Nothing to fear!

           Make to me the Dream Catcher,
         Let me dream sweet dreams of you
         Until my days are old and the great
            Eagle takes me to be with you...

          Misty! Hear  those Cherokee drums!
               Beating out a soulful rhythm
            To a dance of your  native blood.
               Let it  tell the story, this magical
            Dance...Let them sing in your native
               Tongue of how you were loved.

      Friend of Mother Earth, Keeper of the Rose.
   A sweet spirit of peace on wings of the white dove.

            Misty! Do you hear the Cherokee Drums?

In memory of Misty Marie Ridley Wilson  Beloved daughter. 1976-98


-- Cathy Lambert . . . [ ]

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