By: Michael <>
Tue Jun 12 17:50:24 2001
Cause you're my Sister
By Michael
Location: Ontario Canada

Age:[ 41 ] Gender:[ M ]

Cause you^re my Sister

Why is just being around you so satisfying ?

Why have I so little to say when my heart and soul wants to shout and scream ?

How did we get here ^. so soon ?

Sometimes those closest to our hearts hear the least of our inner thoughts.

Why is it so hard to say ^I Love You^^

Cause you^re my Sister^..

Why did I hit you when you wanted to play with other friends ?

Why do things that Sabrina do, remind me of you when you were her age ?

Why do things that Cameron do, remind me of myself when I was his age ?

Where have the days of hearty laughter, carelessness and freedom gone  ?

Why didn^t I spend more time with you before you left for London, England ?

Cause you^re my Sister ?

We are both climbing Mt. Everest, you^re ahead, why don^t I follow your path ?

Why can^t a single card in the store describe how I feel about you ?

Why do I wait until you are leaving before I write this letter ?

Why do I sing at your wedding and write you love letters when you move ? 


Cause you^re my Sister !

I Love You^.I^ll miss you
 Michael    xoxoxo

-- Michael <>

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