By: J <>
Wed Dec 30 16:43:21 1998
My Best Friend
My Mom
By J
Location: Balto MD US

Age:[ 41 ] Gender:[ F ]

Comments: Hard to watch her die but I knew she was going to a much better place.

	We found out Mom had Lung Cancer only 4 month before she died. It all
happen so fast. She was fine and going to radiation, and then she was
dying. When the pain got so bad she could not speak any more. She would
just look at me. To weak to push the pain button herself, I would do
it for her. As I sit there day in and day out. My mind would go on
its journey, when I was a child and she would take care of me. Rub
my hair, my cheek and she let me know she was there. So the same I
did for her. It just never felt like enough. I just didn't want her
to go. But I knew on the other side she would be better. When she
did talk. She would tell me about seeing my father who had been dead
the years. She would tell me about seeing Jesus. And in her words,
she said it got all messed up and could not get there. I knew the
Lord would take her when he was ready. No sooner. So he gave a peek
at heaven. At the end, when she could not speak she would look as
if she needed a drink of water. But being to weak to drink, I would
wipe off her mouth with a wet towel. The only thing I could see was
Jesus on the cross, when the Roman guards wiped off his mouth as he
 I miss her very much my best friend. It just no longer
feels the same anymore. But I know in time, things will get better
here on earth. And I will see my best friend again. I wait until,
I'm called home by my Lord. 

-- J . . . [ ]

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