By: Sande <aunt_sande at yahoo dot com>
Fri Feb 29 15:32:39 2008
A Tribute to Becky
By Sande
Location: Veneta Oregon US

Age:[ 50 ] Gender:[ F ]

Comments: I have suffered many deaths in my lifetime and it never gets any easier.

This is written in memory of Rebecca Lea Korecki, my wonderful niece. She lost her life on July 14, 2001 in a tragic car accident. 

~16 July 2001~ 

Remembering Becky

Mud pies, 
riding the ponies, 
snowball fights, 
cleaning the stables, 
throwing hay from the loft, 
chipping through the ice on the trough (that old bathtub), 
these are memories of you. 

I remember the games we played, 
and how we would pretend to be other people, 
you and Sue and I, 
and remember Bandy, Candy and Sandy? 

I remember how you were a pest sometimes, 
and Sue and I didn't want you hanging around with us, 
the bigger kids, ya know, 
but you didn't have anyone else to hang out with. 

I remember your smile, 
and the mole above your upper lip, 
like the movie stars have, 
it was so beautiful. I see it now and I smile. 

I remember that party we went to, 
you and Tim, me and Steve, 
and how I lost my virginity that night, 
and you helped me to deal with that. 

I remember how you were there for me 
when Grampa kicked me out of the house, 
how you cried when I left on the train that day, 
how you gave me a going away party. 

I remember the poetry you wrote for me, 
declaring that we were best friends, 
and the visit you made to California, 
when I moved out there with Russ. 

I remember the first earthquake we shared, 
how the waterbed shook so hard 
when we were sharing pictures that day, 
how you screamed and were afraid. 

I remember the fights, the arguments we had, 
how Pam tried to reconcile us, 
how it took years for that to happen, 
but it did...finally. 

I remember my wedding, 
and how you read that poem for me, 
how wonderful and sweet it was, 
and I still have the taping of that. 

I remember the candle party at your house, 
and how we compared menopause, 
and spiritual stories, 
and life. 

I remember last Thanksgiving, 
dinner at your mom's 
and getting to play games with Eddie, 
just being together one last time. 

I always envied you, 
how you were always so sure of yourself, 
how nothing would shake you, 
and how you could deal with everything. 

I know that a lot of that was an outward show 
and you really felt unsure of yourself at times, 
but everyone always thought of you 
as being the confident one. 

I know that now I will carry these memories with me, 
in my heart, forever and ever. 
I will miss you, Becky, 
but you will always be with me.... 
right here, in my heart. 

-- Sande <aunt_sande at yahoo dot com>

Fri Feb 29 15:32:39 2008
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