By: jennifer welborn <bob>
Tue Feb 22 12:57:12 2000
By jennifer welborn
Location: greenville ky US

Age:[ 31 ] Gender:[ f ]

	her name was lisa. my sister, my best friend.growig up wasnt an easy
task with her,lisa. a 5ft small petite girl had more spunk in herwhole body
then i had in my little finger.she often would argue and fight with anyone
who would listen most of th time she would get her way.we grew up in a small
town in avon, indiana it was their were we had all grew up.lisa,now as a
adult started a family of her own and me moving to so far
away from her we shared alot, often talking for hours,laughing and sharing
our feelings and always telling her i loved her.we often shared stories of
our children.on a cold october day i recieved a call from our mother,the
call you see wasnt just a call it was a call telling me my sister, my best
friend was in the hospital she was in serious condition,my mother in
denial,with the recent death of our father could not except my sister
serious condition she down played her condition,discussing on the phone she
had told me she suffered an annurism she was gonna be fine. calling my
husband,in tears i knew it was now her turn god was calling her home,it
fealt like hours when we finally arrived at the hospital it was 1:00 am. the
hospital was quiet dark felt cold i called my mother when they wouldnt let
me see her,nd finally we recieved a call from the hosital,the doctor said
she was dying.she lasted a couple days on october 13th at 1200am i alone
walked inthe room to tell her goodbye,unconsious for days i didnt think she
would know i was their .i walked in held her hand just that minute she
opened her eyes looked at me i smiled she looked at me as if she was looking
threw my soul it was then i told her 3 little words that i so often told her
i love you she then squeezed my hand three times she was telling me I LOVE
YOU 3 hours latter she died. my life is slowley movinf my best friend now
gone apart of my soul is somewhere with her in heaven 

-- jennifer welborn . . . [ bob ]

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