By: Meagan <>
Tue Jan 22 16:10:15 2002
In Memory of Ryan Lovejoy and Justin Ondusko
don't ever speed through life...
By Meagan
Location: nj US

Age:[ 19 ] Gender:[ f ]

	This is in memory of two boys that had lost their lives in a
terrible speeding accident on December 24, 2001. A day no one in
florence will ever forget. It happened around 4:25 in the afternoon on
the sunny day of christmas eve.

Everyone was finishing up their last minute shopping, even two boys
named Ryan and Justin. They were on their way home from the mall. 
Justin was driving his red camero.

I didn't really know him to well but he wasn't really a careful driver,
he took turns fast and thought he was invincible. They were following
another car with some of their friends inside. Just as they were turning
on to Bustleton road (a narrow road with only two lanes) Justin decided
to get in the other lane where the on coming traffic would be, to race
his friends in the other car.

The speed limit on the road was 45mph, Newspapers say justin's car was
going 65mph when they came up to a sharp curve. Before he knew what was
happening a hyndai accent was coming in the same lane straight for

Justin didn't even have time to catch his breath, before his car spun
out of control into the hyndai. Both Justin and his passenger Ryan
Lovejoy weren't wearing seatbelts, they both flew from the car and were
killed instantly. The man named Kevin Solomon was killed as well.

The news was devastating the only think people could say is why did this
have to happen? and of all days on christmas eve... Just knowing that
those people would never see christmas was the saddest feeling.

How could they take their lives so lightly?

My messege to everyone that reads this is to never take your life for
granted, and to not only think of the consequences of your actions but
the people that will have to live the rest of their lives without a part
of their heart...

Even though i never had the chance of getting to know Justin or Kevin
Solomon, All three of them will stay in my heart forever.

Rest in peace
 Ryan Lovejoy
 Justin Ondusko
 Kevin Solomon

-- Meagan <>

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