By: Granddaughter
Tue Jul 1 09:49:26 1997
Remember when......
Location: Boston MA US

Age:[ 20 ] Gender:[ f ]

Comments: you remember all the times we shared together laughing, crying,
talking.  They all distinctly come to my mind.  You were always someone with whom
I loved being with.  Now that you're gone I can only remember those special times. 
Hey most important of all is Lamby Pie.  That little stuffed lamb who you
performed the best stitching surgery on.  I was oh so grateful you were able to
save him.  You know I always loved your lady dresses.  I used to gaze at your
dresses with the high-heeled ladies on them for the longest time.  I always
dreamed that one day you would let me wear one..though they would be too big on
me.  Who could forget Papa Gino's and the Ladies.  Everyday it was the same.  Get
in the car..go to Papa Gino' errands.  Sitting with the Ladies at lunch. 
They used to pinch my cheeks while you sat beaming.  You always played Memory with
me.  Even when you didn't want to, you found it in your heart to play with my
whining voice.  I loved staying at your house.  I was sorry when I got a real
babysitter.  Then I grew older and the memories of you were more meaningful.  Our
talks became much more mature.  You could actually understand where I was coming
from.  Even as I became older, I still carried memories of you.  Though a lot of
them were of you in the hospital..I still carried them.  I never said 'I love you'
before I knew you were sick.  I think I thought it was an understanding.  Actually
I know it was.  But for some reason when you started getting sick I felt the need
to let you know.  And since then it seemed I didn't say it enough.  These words
can only begin to describe my feelings.  You will always be in my mind and heart. 
And until I see you again, the memories will have to keep me company.  

-- GrandDaughter J . . .
Tue Jul 1 09:49:26 1997
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