By: manuela
Wed May 9 07:42:07 2001
Hope you are resting in peace
By manuela
Location: Toronto ON CAN

Age:[ 44 ] Gender:[ f ]

Comments: I wish things could have been different with her and me.

	My mother-in-law died last month. 

She lived a good life until 80 years old., after that she sent down hill
for one reason or another.

She died at 88 years old. I felt a complete
emptyness, I miss her more that I thought I would have.

I hope she is in a good place, and smiling down on all of her children
and grandchildren and in-laws, like me.

Sorry Zulmira for all the conflicts we had. I have forgiven
you, I hope you have forgiven me.

Hope you are at peace now, hope you are with your husband, and God.

-- manuela . . .

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