By: Natalie Lattimer <>
Wed Oct 11 17:40:44 2000
Why Are You Crying
Getting the strength to carry on
By Natalie Lattimer
Location: Watseka Illinois US

Age:[ 14 ] Gender:[ F ]

Comments: I used to babysit Kloie all the time
i known her since she was 3 months her aunt jenny
( 13 yrs) is my best friend and we loved her
like she was our own

	           "Why Are You Crying?"
 How could you take our angel away? 
 Our hearts are still in pain to this very day.
 Our little angel never did any wrong. 
 Her soul so loving ,careing, and strong.

 As she glides peacefully into the night, 
 always in our hearts we'll be holding her tight.
 In our hearts her laughter lives on, 
 we'll always remember till forever is gone.

 What I would give for just one more day, 
 i would take her place, on earth for her to stay.
 But we all know that she's looking down and smileing, 
 asking and wondering "Why are your crying?" 

        "Guardian Angel"
I feel you watching over me I know that you are there,
I feel it in my heart I feel it everywhere.

You're my guardian angel sent for heaven above, 
 helping me through pain helping me through love. 

I know someday we'll meet again and maybe then I'll see 
 whats it's like to be an angel watching over people like me. 


	This is deticated to Kloie Houstin Vanhoveln 
		(March 19 1998 to August 29 2000) 

 who was beaten to death on August 29 and died at 10:27pm, 
may you rest in peace and i love you so much love always natalie 

-- Natalie Lattimer . . . [ ]

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