By: Lonely GrandDaughter Wed Apr 2 23:03:54 1997
By: Lonely GrandDaughter
Age:[ 17 ] Gender:[ F ]

        I come home and have a message that I should call my mom right away,
so pick up the phone and dial the number...hoping that nothing is too wrong. mother was sobbing. Whats the matter Mom?  No answer... 
Mommy, what is the matter?  Its your grandma. What about her, Mom?  She died your grandpa's arms......long pause. My hands begin to grip the
phone tightly. although sweating and shaking I do not cry. What, grandma? 
Grandma Betty?..... All I remember was that thoughts were racing through my
head.  I didnt believe my mom.  I thought that maybe she was drunk..or hoping
that she was!!!!  The next thing I knew I was downstairs in my room looking
for anything that grandma had given me...  this was the hardest day of my
life.  On the 8th of April it will be 3 months.  I still have not fully
grieved.  I can't even finish writing this memory, all I know is that I hope
to see my granny someday...  I love you Grandma are my everything!  All
my love, Reenie Bean


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