By: beths mum <>
Wed Jun 5 09:10:43 2002
My Beautiful Baby Beth
By Beth's mum
Location: Leeds England UK

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This is something I wrote for my daughter's funeral and read myself in
the church and I'm very glad I did now I'd like to share it with you. 

My beautiful angel was born 
on a summers day, 
she was just so beautiful
she took our breath away,

Her love was unconditional, 
her heart was sweet and pure, 
and every day we had her 
we could only love her more.  

We would watch her as she slept,
growing more beautiful every day, 
then came the morning that we wept,
knowing she gone away.  

although we pleaded for her to live her
soul was no longer there, 
all she ever did was give ,
our hearts were then stripped bare.  

then came the kindest thoughts and words 
from everyone of you 
we want you to know that they have helped 
and wish to say thank you.  

in loving memory of Bethany Zoe Barraclough
24 august  99 -  26 september99. 

	33 days I'll always remember, 
	   24august - 26september 
	  a poem for my little one;  

twinkle twinkle little star 
ill always know now where you are 
in the heavens shining down, 
shining a light in the darkest town, 
twinkle twinkle little star,
just call for me and i wont be far.
sleep well little one love 

	mummy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 

-- Beth's Mum <>

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