By: Nancy <>
Thu Jan 6 19:33:29 2000
The Love of my life
By Nancy
Location: Roswell New Mexico US

Age:[ 43 ] Gender:[ F ]

	Poncho has been gone close to 2 years but I still love him very
much. He had eyes that could look through you and a laugh that would
make me laugh with him. He was not only my husband but my best friend
as well. We would sit up till the wee hours of the morning talking
about everything or nothing in particular. When we walked he always
held my hand. He even would surprise me with some sort of stuffed
toy or little ceramic statue for no reason at all. When he died on
Jan. 11 1998 I not only lost my partner but my best friend. A brain
tumor took him out of my life. Oh my conquistador, spanish eyes I
love and miss you very much.

-- Nancy . . . [ ]

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