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Thu May 22 01:09:45 1997
Our precious Angel
By her mom

	      How does a Mother begin to tell about the lose of her child?  I
believed myself to be the luckiest woman alive the day I gave birth to my
second daughter.  I now had two beautiful girls.  George my husband was a
very proud father. 

       As parents we prepare for everything in our lives.  We believed
that as long as we were good parents doing the right things in life we in
turn would reap the benifits.  No where does life prepare you to part with
your child.  We all know that so

meday they will grow into strong, self supporting adults who leave home. 
This is our goal. 

       I want to share my angel on earth who is now in heaven with all who
wants to know her.  I pray that someday I will hold her in my arms again. 
Kiss her and tell her just how much I love her.  Please God, Please. 

       Penny Lynn was born Dec. 4th 1973.  She died quietly and peacefully
in her sleep Dec. 24th 1994. 

       Penny at the age of 21 had her whole life ahead of her.  She was a
fun loving college student in her junior year.  She loved children and
animals.  She could ski down a slope as if she were flying.  She could hit
home runs and run as fast as the

 wind.  I said that she was an angel on earth.  She was well known for the
beautiful halo of golden long curls that flew around her sholders as she
went through her 21 years of life.

       Penny was remembered by many who's life she touched during that
short time.  She had a special love in her heart for the under dogs, lost,
forgotten, or just about anyone who crossed her path.  As a small child of
8 she lost the $12.00 she had sav

ed for her Christmas shopping.  She had made the mistake of leaving it
sitting on a chair in a local dept. store.  Once we realized the small red
purse was missing we returned to never find the well planned out coins and
one dollar bills.  I was always learning from this child.  At this time I
was angry that anyone could take her money.  But, with the sweetest smile
on her freckled face she said, "Don't worry Mom, this was just my donation
to charity this Christmas.  I guess someone needed it more th an me this
Christmas.  We laughed feeling so much better about a bad moment in our

       Penny lived her whole life in this manner.  So I guess it is no
wonder that God took her home with him that Christmas Eve almost 3 years
ago.  I believe he knew of all the children coming to him in the next few
months and he knew Penny would be an alliance on his side.

      After much testing, discussion and many different opinions.  We were
told that our beautiful daughter had died from the stopping of her heart. 
This was the cause of a medication called Seldane.  This is an allergy
drug which has since been taken off the market due to similer deaths.  

      That very sad Christmas Eve well never be forgotten by a mother and
father, an older sister or a very young niece who loved a precious young
woman with golden hair named Penny. 

       We miss you so Penny, my precious Penny.  We will find you in
heaven.  I know my Penny is a strong fighting Arc Angel who cares for us
here on earth.  My strongest fear for Penny is that she may be forgotten. 
So please do as I do.  So often now

I find lost pennies on the ground or just lying around.  I know they come
from heaven to help all remember my lost Penny. 

                                  I love you for always Penny

                                  Your Mom

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