From: Noah's Father [Nobody]
Noah Collins Has Gone Home
Date: Thu, 12 Sep 1996 20:57:09 -0700
By Noah's Father
Location: San Marcos Texas USA

Age:[ 42 ] Gender:[ M ]


	Our son Noah Hampton Collins, went to be with the Lord on December 2, 1995.
During Noah's year long battle with cancer, he showed extraordinary faith and
courage.  The strength of Noah's spirit inspired everyone around him.  Let me
tell you something about him.

Noah Growing up:

Noah was born December 23, 1987 in Bremmerton Washington where he lived one and
one half years directly west from Seattle across Puget Sound.  He loved being
out doors from the first, even when it was misty, which it often is in that
part of the world.  We began the first of many long walks under boughs of the
tall trees that grow there.

We took Noah from that green part of world (Noah's favorite color) to Germany.
Noah spent most of his life in a small village called Waldenbuch
(Val-dem-book).  The name of the village has a subtle pronunciation that
required a true German voice to pronounce.  Noah learned to speak German, and
was always quick to correct one who said the word improperly.  He attended
German schools; learning and loving the German ways.  However as an American
family living in Germany, Noah would always be an outsider and he would often
ask when we would live in a home of our own.  And so his mother and I sought
the Lord counsel to find a place where Noah could grow up, attend a good
school, make friends that do not move every two years and be closer to his
family that is growing up/old so fast.  We felt that the Lord brought us to San
Marcos, Texas.  Noah missed Germany at first but quickly fell in love with
Texas.  Truly a place where a boy can be a boy.

Noah is not your average child.  He would describe himself as a, "Junior
Scientist".  He had a insatiable hunger for knowledge.  He was never satisfied
with the pat answer.  If you were to tell him everything you knew about a
subject he would pause and say; "ok go on..." and wait for more.  For those
things that could not be explained to Noah, he would fill in the blanks with
his imagination.  He loved stories of knights and dragons, not for the thrill
of the battles told in such stories; Noah loved the nobility for which such
causes are fought.

Like his heros, Noah sought treasure as well.  His mother made a beautiful
wooden treasure chest for him.  In there he kept gold and silver; some real -
some not, eagle feathers, special strings, Texas Hill Country stones and
carefully drawn maps printed in gold lettering.  Noah protected the key to that
chest throughout his illness.  He wore the key on his right index finger
through many surgical procedures and even two MRI's (where metal is forbidden).

Noah has now traded his earthly treasures for heavenly ones, where no one (not
even leprechauns) can break in to steal.

In Regards to his Illness:

He never cried.  Anger, resentment but never tears.  When those around him
would shed tears he would call them "wimps" or ask "what is it now?".  He
wanted to learn everything about the cancer that ravaged his body.  He learned
much about medicine and even speculated that someday DNA research would be the
key to a cure.  He often shared this with his doctors.  It was with surprise
and joy that I saw in the newspaper one day an article that described just such
research titled; "Genetic cancer-fighter has promise." When I told Noah he just
clinched his fists and said "Yes!".

In Regards to his Faith:

Noah loves the Lord.  He would pray as one talking to a friend.  He would never
pray for general things; he always prayed for specifically for people, places
or things.  He never doubted the Lord.  As his illness progressed he would ask
why we continue to pray; "that God was not going to heal him." However he
always believed that Lord could if He chose to.  He wondered why God would give
to him gifts of intelligence and a desire to help the world if He did not want
him to grow up.  (A question that is left for all of us.)

A Fathers Thoughts;

Noah did find a home in San Marcos, TX.  It has been overwhelming to see how many
lives Noah has touched here; before and during his illness.  But now, what are
we to make of the last two years?  One's filled with such great expectations
and profound disappointments.  We ask ourselves a question that has no answer;

Through the eyes of the world we see only a tragedy; one far to often repeated
in this fallen world.  We have taken the good and we must now find a way to
accept the bad, looking forward to the day that we will see Noah again.  We
live by faith.  Assured that the promises of 2 Corinthians 4:1-5:8, and the
words of our Lord in John 14:1-4 are true.

Like Peter said; "where else can we go Master..."; for if the Lord has let Noah
down, what hope is there for anyone.

A Memory:

During Noah's last days he wrote this poem for a friend.  We would like to
share it with you all as a gift from Noah.  God bless you all.

     What Love Is

     Your Spirit is Lifted,
          Your Heart is Warm.
     It is like,
          Heaven Being Born.

     We Shall Travel Together
          Over Snow and Storm.
     Together we shall feel like,
          Heaven Being Born.

     Through the Summer and Spring,
          We Shall Make our Way.
     Feeling Happy and Gay.

     It is like,
          Heaven Being Born.

     Noah Hampton Collins,  1987-1995

Post Script:

A poem for Noah given to his mother, on Mother's Day:

Go to bed, and your not with us,
Wake-up, and your not there.

	Far too soon the nest is empty,
		Only memories left to share.

Seven years - too short a time,
To be with you as Mom and Dad.

	Though so young, and yet so wise,
		Our parting now has made all things sad.

But in the blessed presence,
Of the One whom which you dwell.

	I know that you are happy,
		I know that all is well.

Someday soon will be together,
Someday soon will live as one.

	Singing praises to our Father,
		Re-united with our son.

-- Noah's Father . . . [ ]

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