By: manuela <>
Mon Jan 7 10:35:24 2002
never be the same
By manuela
Age:[ 45 ] Gender:[ f ]

Comments: sad

This is our third Christmas without my dad. Somedays its seems better, but
other days its seems harder. every since you left dad, the family has not
been the same. I try to be nice to mom, but shes not giving and
considerate, the rest gang up on me. I miss your company, I miss your
kindness, I mess having a shot with you, I miss eating pizza with you. 

Why did you have to leave me with these people. you were the peacemaker,
the one who held everything in place. What am I going to do without you.? 

Don't beleive them when they say I'm the one causing problems, remember
the week before you died and I was on the phone with you, and told you mom
was a pain in the butt, how can you stand her, you had to straighten her
out.  You laughted and said,

"What can I do? 
love you forever...
miss you

-- manuela <>

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