By: Carol Giffin <>
Fri Feb 28 15:44:25 2003
My Only Son
By Carol Giffin
Location: Chaska Mn US

Age:[ 54 ] Gender:[ F ]

	My Only Son.  He never believed that he was loved.  He never believed
he had worth.  He never believed.  No matter how much he was loved by
so very many people, he never loved himself.  Michael, my only son,
died of a heroin overdose on 1/3/03 just shy of his 33rd birthday.
He died alone.  I believe that he was always alone.  No matter how many
people were around him, he never connected.  As long as he was alive,
I believe I had time to try and tell him how much he was loved and how
much people believed in him.  The time has come and gone.  There is
no more time.  No phone to ring and it be him to want to talk. All I
can now hope for is that he is at peace.  He is no longer fighting
the demons who controlled him.  I hope that the day will come when
we are together again and he believes, he has found his worth and
he knows just how much he was always loved.  My dear son, Michael,
I so loved you, so miss you and will continue to love you until we
are together again.  Take care my son, know you are loved.   Your mom

-- Carol Giffin <>

Fri Feb 28 15:44:25 2003
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