By: terri <>
Sat Aug 19 20:45:09 2000
My Hero My Son
My Perfect Gift
By terri
Location: CEREDO WV US

Age:[ 30 ] Gender:[ F ]

	Who would have known a little boy would have brought such joy into
our lives, Isure didn't,You see we were always told that the chances
of us,your father and me of having a perfect son would be zero to
none. In time i grew to accept this when we were told a bundle of Joy
would be arriving on Sept 21,1995 We could not have been happier, to
our dismay though you were positioned wrong way around in the womb
and were in serious distress & causing me too lose alot of blood,
Who would have known that for this reason the doctors would find
colon cancer in your mommy? Had it not been for you i wouldn't have
the special gift of a second chance at life and 9 days of beautiful
heart wrenching memories of you!I dream of the day i hold you in my
arms and thank our father in heaven for his perfect gift! Sept21,1995
an angel was born named Jefferson Lee Thompson Who later  the world
mourned and grieved when his life was cut short on Sept30,1995 We
Miss And Love you Son!XOXOXOXOXO

-- terri . . . [ ]

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