By: Kimberly's Mom <>
Thu Mar 26 19:48:55 1998
Remembering my daughter, Kimberly Hunsinger
I wil always love you....Mom
By Kimberly's Mom
Location: Pa US

Age:[ 43 ] Gender:[ F ]

	My daughter, Kimberly died an unnecessay death at the age of 23
years 9 months and 6 days.  The story I am about to tell happened on
August 20, 1996.  It seems like an eternity since I have seen her. 

	Kimberly supervised a group home for 3 men who were mentally
retarded, two of whom had disabilities which left them in wheelchairs. 
She also lived at the home she supervised.  It was her turn to do the
overnight shift and she was allowed to sleep as long as the guys were
sleeping.  A fire broke out during the night and Kimberly woke up.  She
could have very easily left the burning building but true to her nature
she went to the guys to try to help them escape. 

	They all perished in the fire of smoke inhalation.  

	Kimberly had succeded in helping one of the guys into his wheelchair and
was on her way to help the other one when she could go on no longer.  Even
if she had managed to help the others they would not have been able to get
out because the exits were locked from the inside so you would need a key
to get out.  

	The executive director of the agency is now trying to blame
Kimberly for the locks on the doors even though upon inspecting other
homes the agency has, other doors have been found with locks the same way.
I feel anger that they are trying to blame Kimberly when she is the one
who is not here to defend herself. 

	I even know previous employees of the agency who will testify that
it was an agency decision to have the locks on the doors so a key was
needed to get out.  My daughter gave her life trying to make life better
for those who were less fortunate than her. Losing her has caused much
heartache for me and the rest of Kimberly's family.

It is so difficult to lose a child...Kimberly I love you and will
miss you the rest of my life.  

		Judy Mom Sis Best Friend

-- Kimberly's Mom . . . [ ]

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